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Unlock the potential of your B2B marketing department with technology solutions, agency services, and consulting services curated by award-winning B2B marketer Felix Krueger. 

Founder Felix Krueger has been featured in Australia's leading business publications

B2B marketing solutions designed to drive business objectives:

Account-Based Marketing

Marketing Automation

Expert Marketing


Account-Based Marketing

Identify, target, nurture, convert, and retain your highest yielding clients with ABM strategies developed by the Krueger Consultancy. No matter if you want to launch a first pilot or your existing program needs fine tuning, we have you covered. 

  • ABM strategy workshops
  • Account target list research
  • Content strategy
  • Social media advertising
  • Analytics and reporting

Marketing Automation

The Krueger Consultancy can support the introduction or optimisation of your marketing automation platforms and processes. If you are looking for a new marketing automation platform, our proven in-house solution Mautic powered by Krueger Consultancy can be deployed within 2 weeks only.

  • Marketing Automation strategy 
  • Marketing Automation optimisation
  • Marketing Automation training
  • Mautic powered by Krueger Consultancy

Expert Marketing

Expert Marketing is a content marketing program designed to leverage, promote, and develop your internal expert with the aim to position your brand as a thought-leader. The framework developed by the Krueger Consultancy offers a low-touch process for content creation, a strategic distribution plan, and KPIs linked to business objectives. 

  • Expert benchmarking 
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation based on expert interviews
  • Targeted distribution
  • Measurement and optimisation

Consulting Services

Our bespoke consulting services help you overcome the most pressing B2B marketing challenges with tailored and independent advise.

  • B2B marketing strategy workshops
  • Data strategy
  • Independent software assessment
  • Operational models
  • Process automation


Supported Objectives


Marketing Automation

Expert Marketing


Increased Conversions

Increased Pricing

Reduced Operational Costs

Increased Client Retention

“It is our mission to turn our

clients’ marketing from a cost

into an investment."

Felix Krueger - Founder and CEO, Krueger Consultancy

Felix Krueger has collaborated with Australia's leading B2B brands:

"Working with the Krueger Consultancy has been (and continues to be!) an outstanding experience. After the first 2 weeks of our collaboration, we've already been able to reduce our annual marketing operating costs by over $25,000."

Amanda Terranova
Director Marketing + Brand at Mirus Group

"With a huge amount of data sources and use cases, it's hard to know where to focus. Krueger Consultancy has enabled us to unlock data as a strategic asset for Which-50 Media. Our newsletter database, for example, has already seen an increase of 70%."

Paul Van Wensveen
General Manager at Which-50 Media

Awards and Recognition

30-minutes of your time. Actionable advise. No obligation.

"Our free 30-minute strategy session helps us understand your challenges and allows us to create tailored actionable advise. 

Why do we offer this service for free? These conversations help us gain insight into common challenges in the B2B marketing space so we can continue to make a difference for our clients. While most marketers taking advantage of this offer valued at $1,500 end up working with us, there is no obligation attached to it. We aim to build long-term relationships by setting our industry peers up for success. 

Thanks for engaging with our website and I'm looking forward to meeting you."

Felix Krueger

Felix Krueger

Founder & CEO

Krueger Consultancy